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The Tangled  Girl

The Tangled Girl

By : Resti Tri Adinda, SD Negeri 6 Pangkalpinang

The tangled girl was unsettled
Rejoicing, owning her life no more
Leaving the space by suicide
Izrail stood and popeyed his eyes
Crashing the girl’s nerves into the slice
And Hell had waited for her to greet
And the she with her body dragged
to the abyys, hades, tartarus place

A day before was just another day
The leaves had fallen from the Arshy
A girl’s name was engraved, writtenly
In the cloudy noon far from the moon
An Espresso was bubbly bitter
in September
A girl sat, and wept, and stressed secretly
Her hands kept mystery of a story

What story?
The story of Larry,
Who is Larry ?
Larry of the Larry

In Larry people log in and log out
Through Larry, Ego is virtual
from follow to unfollow
from tweet to retweet
from chirp to mention
from thumbs up to thumbs down
from clown to frown
Over Larry, because of Larry, it is!
The center touch of existence
In Larry people log in and log out
You are singing but you are not a singer
You are dancing but you are not a dancer
You are judging, but you are not a judge
You turn out ugly; angry!
You turn out lovely; happy!

The tangled girl wrote words,
typed texts, posted photos, shared status,
visualized videos, sang songs, launched lives,
nourished narcissism, flushed feeds, defended discreation,
Boomed Bang!

the tangled girl had given up,
her agony was not any strength upon her absurdity
She could have no more sips of her Espresso
In after life, no more!

Remember Larry, the Larry?
Larry were her Lord!
The Larry is in her world;
but not in your world.
The Larry is her Lord;
but not your Lord.

Praise the Lord! Not the Larry!
Put an eye on Larry!
Pity the girl,
Pray for the tangled girl!

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